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Parts Exchange Components


When downtime is critical then our off the shelf service exchange components such as rebuilt  engines, transmissions and a broad range of components  can be transported into the field and exchanged to minimise the disruption to your job site operation.

Parts exchange components offer quick and simple repairs and reduced machine downtime.

Salmon holds a large inventory of exchanges engines, transmissions, differentials, cylinders, motors and pumps allowing us to quickly and conveniently swap the failed or scheduled component for exchange.

We pride ourselves on our quality of rebuilt components.

Brisbane Component rebuild centre

The cost of replacing a complete engine, transmission or differential can be prohibitive, so rebuilding a Cat component at a fraction of the cost is a very serious alternative.

The Component Rebuild Centre in Brisbane is dedicated to doing just this. We offer full engine and component rebuilds covering our entire fleet range.

Our component rebuilders are experts in component rebuild, from larger projects such as whole engines to smaller jobs such as fuel pumps. All are Cat trained, skilled mechanics in their field.