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Health and Safety


Salmon Safety and Health Management Plan

With rigorous equipment inspection and maintenance regimes, reporting procedures and implementation of safe work procedures, supply of personal protective equipment, stringent drug and alcohol policies, employee work flexibility and training, Salmon Earthmoving is committed to the ongoing health and safety of its employees.

Machine Safety features include a combination of the following features:

  • Hand held fire extinguishers
  • Fire suppression system – which is capable of activation from both ground and cab levels
  • Walkways and handrails
  • Grab posts and rails extra to the OEM spec
  • Cab and ground mounted emergency shut down
  • Cat supported Machine health Vision link
  • Auto lube system on specific models
  • Turbo shut down timer on specific models
  • Seat belts for all occupants seating positions – 3 point inertia reel (or if not  available  from manufacturer 2 point inertia belts)
  • Lights for safe operation and traffic interaction
  • Isolation points that can accept personal isolation lock  in the off position
  • Platforms and walkways for normal field related activities
  • Alternative emergency egress
  • Collision protection  – where required
  • Collision avoidance technology – where required
  • Reversing Alarm and camera on specific models
  • Wheel chocks for rubber tyred
  • Horn or other audible warning device
  • Safeguards on accessable movable parts
  • Numbers for positive identification- visible from a safe approach distance
  • ROP’s
  • Securely mounted portable fire extinguisher
  • Two way radio equipment that interact with other vehicles and equipment
  • FOP’s
  • Ergonomically sound seating and controls
  • Consistency for manufacturer and retrofitted controls between machines
  • Attachment point for safety chains where towing capability is fitted
  • Maximum operating height labels – inside the operator cabs of equipment that could contact overhead powerlines and low clearance facilities
  • An audible park brake warning device
  • Air  conditioned or protective cab where occupants are potentially exposed to harmful levels of eg , temperature, dust & noise
  • Windscreen wipers and washers